Nexthink v6.0 är nu tillgänglig!

Nyheter i Nexthink V6


A fully redesigned Portal:

The new Portal presents cutting edge visualizations to analyze IT environments and clearly communicate accurate data across IT and business departments. Custom analytics and dashboards can now be created in minutes.

New end-user centric analytics view in the Finder:

The new end-user view in the Finder presents an interactive timeline of all devices, activities, issues, changes and services in use. Organizations can now easily identify commonalties and patterns across end-users in just one click.

Single click investigations with progressive discovery:

More actionable drill downs from the end-user and device views enable organizations to directly understand if an event or issue is reoccurring for a specific end-user and easily verify how many other end-users are affected, which accelerates problem identification and resolution.

Collector for Windows Servers:

Extend end-user analytics beyond the first destination with a Collector on Windows Servers. This allows organizations to discover and integrate more analytics on end-user experience and services delivered, as well as verify overall security and compliance end-to-end.

HP ArcSight integration:

The Integration Toolkit module now includes certified HP ArcSight ESM integration that can be customized. Nexthink complements HP’s SIEM platform with end-user security analytics that are correlated with HP’s network, server and information security data and provides essential end-user context for more deterministic security alerts. Nexthink also helps identify security breaches, risk factors, and compliance issues much faster and empower decision making to respond to internal and external risk – before high impacts and losses."

Nexthink Pressrelease: