Powerful Business Intelligence with Purpose

Powerful Business Intelligence with Purpose - Chewell with Microsoft Power BI and Reporting Services

By using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) on Cherwell data it is possible to generate more tailored views of the information. These views can be embedded within the Cherwell application and can also be accessed as standalone reports or scorecards.

With SSRS it is possible to do advanced transformation of the data, for example calculate the time spent in different teams for incidents or transform dimensions like impact and urgency into quantifiable measures.

SSRS can use maps to plot geographical data of interest or take advantage of images in Cherwell to create informative reports.

The layout of the reports can be customized on a very detailed level with charts, gauges, conditional formatting, inline charts etc.


For deeper analysis of your Cherwell data you can use Microsoft’s Power BI application. In Power BI you can use dynamic reports to explore data in a fast and flexible way. The reports are based on the associations between data and contain a number of visualitions that are clickable to filter or drill-down on a specific subject of interest. The reports can contain visualisations like maps, KPIs, box charts, tables etc.


Multi Platform

The Power BI platform supports multiple devices such as tablets, phones and... why not, your Apple Watch!

Cherwell BI in Apple Watch